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Top things to do in unusual Paris

13 Décembre 2013 , Rédigé par hunza Publié dans #randonnée

The canal Saint-Martin, arenas of Lutèce, greenhouses of Auteuil, the farm of Paris, the gardens, etc… here some ideas to visit Paris differently. 

The sites are classified by district and the list is far from being exhaustive….


1er district


Quai de la mégisserie = many stores of plants and animals. To avoid the sundays and mondays which are days of closing.

Subway station = Châtelet or Pont Neuf


Quai de la Mégisserie


Banks of the Seine: the quay of Tuileries and the Royal bridge (3rd older bridge of Paris after the New bridge and the bridge Marie).

Subway station : Concorde.






The flooded quay of Tuileries (December 26th, 2010)


Church of St. Roch you will find there a splendid vault of the virgin of ellipsoidal form carried out by Jules Hardouin Mansart with a painted cupola and a nativity of 17th out of translucent marble. It there as well of other interesting works in this place. Will know that an association of voluntary - Art, culture and faith - proposes visits of each church of Paris. For this one, it is 2nd Thursday of each month.

Internet address = http://www.artculturefoi-paris.fr/

(go to "visite d'église")

Subway station : Pyramides or Palais Royal


Eglise Saint-Roch 

Plaster Piéta of Frédéric Bogino (1856) 


3ème district


House of Nicolas Flamel located with 51 rue de Montmorency, it is the oldest house of Paris. It goes back to 1407. Today, with rez of roadway, one finds a restaurant there.

Subway station : Etienne Marcel (ligne 4) or Arts et Métiers


PARIS 01197 (2)


4ème district


Towers of Notre Dame : be careful, as there are always many tourists, waiting to reach it can be long.

Subway station : Hôtel de Ville or RERC Saint-Michel Notre Dame   


Tours de Notre Dame

Side Hôtel Dieu,  Saint-Jacques tower et butte Montmartre


Tours de Notre Dame

Side church Saint-Gervais Saint-Protais and bridge Louis Philippe


Tours de Notre Dame

12 apostles at the bottom of the arrow


Tours de Notre Dame

Side upstream of the Seine with the bridge of the Small tower and, behind, the Sully bridge


Tours de Notre Dame

Pantheon side and, on the left, the Saint-Etienne church of the Mount


Island Saint Louis quays of the Seine and the bridge Marie which is the 2nd older bridge of Paris after the New bridge.

 Subway station : Pont Marie




Enclosing wall of Philippe Auguste street of the gardens saint-Paul

It is the longest part of the vestiges of the enclosure built under the reign of king Philippe Auguste between 1190 and 1209. This wall surrounded Paris on nearly 5 kms.

Subway station : Saint-Paul (line 1) or Bridge Marie (line 7)


PARIS 4096


Cloister of the Billets: located at 24 rue des Archives, it is the only medieval cloister in Paris. Its construction goes back to the beginning of the 15th century. Attention, it is visited only when one temporary exhibition is organized there.

 Subway station : Hôtel de Ville


PARIS 1163


Storeroom of the house of Ourscamp (44/46 rue François Miron): it is necessary to push the door of association for the safeguard and the development of historical Paris to discover one of the oldest storeroom which remains in Paris. It dates from 13th and, unfortunately, it is very damaged. The voluntary ones make you visit it free as well as an air shaft rebirth with half-timbered houses. Before leaving, delay in the shop because there is full with things interesting for which impassions history of Paris.

Opened the every day of 11:00 (14h00 saturdays and Sunday) at 18:00.

 Subway station : Saint-Paul ou Hôtel de Ville


PARIS 01189 (2)


5ème district


Arenas of Lutèce = one of the rare vestiges of the Roman epoch in Paris. Discovered at the end of 19th, they are in the public garden René Capitan and are used as ground of ball or football….

 Subway station = Jussieu or Place Monge


Arènes de Lutèce


The large greenhouse of the botanical garden  = expatriation is guaranteed with its river and its rock where you must go up to admire the point of view.

  Internet address =  http://www.jardindesplantes.net/venir-au-jardin/acces-horaires-et-tarifs

Subway station = gare d'Austerlitz


Serre du jardin des plantes


The Great Mosque of Paris :

 She visits herself the every day except Friday of 9:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 18:00 (3 € the entry)

 Subway station : Place Monge (ligne 7)


La grande mosquée de paris



PARIS 0159 (2)



Grande mosquée de Paris : le patio


The terrace of the institute of the Arab world  = the access is free there the every day except Monday of 10:00 to 18:00. From there high, one enjoys a beautiful view on the Seine and the Saint-Louis islands and the City.

Subway station = Jussieu.


La Seine et Notre Dame


Saint-Etienne church of the Mount: it shelters the hunting of Holy-Genevieve, splendid jubé as well as splendid stained glasses of the 16-17th century exposed in the vault of the communion.

Subway station = Cardinal Lemoine.



  Detail of the stained glass of the visit of the 3 angels with Abraham (16th century)


Val de Grâce  : this monastery now transformed into military hospital was built with has continuation of a wish of Anne d'Autriche, mother of Louis XIV. You will see there a beautiful cloister which is within the boundary of museum of the health services as well as a beautiful church with, inter alia, a splendid fresco of Pierre Mignard recovering the cupola, 4 tables of Philippe de Champaigne and a gigantic baldachin. It should be noted that the visit of the church can be done free after the Sunday office.

 Subway station = Port Royal (RER B)


PARIS 1325



PARIS 1346


The Pantheon:

Besides the visit of the crypt which contains the bodies of characters that the French Republic decided to honour (Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, Gambetta, Jean Moulin, Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo), you can benefit from a beautiful panorama on Paris while going up to the dome (207 steps and 35 meters in height). Attention, these visits are very few and the number of allowed people is of 50.

 Subway station: Luxembourg (RER B)


  Notre Dame

Sight towards Notre Dame taken since the dome of the Pantheon


The college of Bernardins: built at the 13th century, it was magnificiently restored in the years 2000. It is currently a place of conferences and concerts. It is located 24 rue de Poissy.   

Subway station: Cardinal Lemoine (line 10)


Collège des Bernardins 


6ème district


The fountain Médicis (Luxembourg Gardens): the fountain (19th century) most romantic of Paris.

 Subway station: Luxembourg




The fountain of the Observatory  or the fountain of the 4 worlds in the garden Marco Polo. Entirely bronzes some, its construction was completed in 1874. The central part carried out by Carpeaux represents 4 women symbolizing the 4 parts of the world.

Subway station = Port Royal (RER B)


Fontaine de l'Observatoire


The botanical garden of the faculty of pharmacy  it is within faculty located with 4 avenue de l'Observatoire. Since the entry, very right outward journey: the garden is at the bottom. One can also see it behind a grid side street of Assas. Its access is free during the opening hours of faculty. Attention, it does not act of a pleasure garden but of a garden intended for the students.

Subway station = Port Royal (RER B)


Jardin botanique de la faculté de pharmacie


The garden of the Carmelite friars  = to visit only the last weekend of September (festival of the gardens). It is there that place the massacre of 115 monks by the revolutionists took on September 2nd, 1792 under Terror. Their bones are in the crypt of the church Saint-Joseph of the Carmelite friars which is next to the garden and which visits all free the samedis afternoon at 15:00.

Subway station = Rennes 


Jardin de l'ancien couvent des Carmes


The garden of the Fathers Marists with 104 rue de Vaugirard = to visit only the last weekend of September (festival of the gardens).

Subway station : Saint Placide.




The garden of the convent of the sisters of the Worship  with 39 rue Gay-Lussac = to visit only the last weekend of September (festival of the gardens).

Subway station : Luxembourg.




7ème district


Vault of the Miraculous Medal with 140 rue du Bac near “Bon Marché”. It is a very attended place where reign an intense religious enthusiasm which one nowhere does not see elsewhere in Paris. It is in this place that the Virgin appeared to Catherine Labouré in 1830.

Subway station : Sèvres Babylone.




Garden of the private clinic Midsummer's Day God it is not a park but one can reach it on condition that being discreet. Opened the every day and the access is done by the entry of the private clinic.

Subway station : Vanneau (ligne 10)


PARIS 1370


8ème district


Montceau park  = open the every day to the public

Subway station = Montceau


Parc Monceau

The naumachie with the Montceau park


9ème arrondissement 


Panoramic terrace of the store Haussmann Printemps  it is accessible to all and you have the possibility of taking glass there and to restore you there.

Subway station : Havre Caumartin 


La butte Montmartre depuis la terrasse panoramique du Printemps



10ème district


The channel St Martin  = it was finished digging in 1825. Connecting the basin of the Arsenal to that of the Villette, it is 4.5 km long of which the half under tunnel. Very pleasant walk along the quays of Valmy or Jemmapes.

Subway station = République ou Jaurès


L'écluse du Temple

The lock of the Temple, the footbridge of the customs and the basin of the Marshes.


Canal Saint-Martin

The basin of the cold Marsh (February 9th, 2012), the Alibert footbridge and the bridge of the street God


12ème district


Basin of the Arsenal  = marina of Paris with approximately 180 rings. It is at the end of Canal Saint-Martin. The wall, side boulevard Bumblebee, date of the foritfications of Paris of the time of Charles V.

Subway station = Quai de la Rapée or Bastille 


Bassin de l'Arsenal


Park of Bercy = it is located between the Omnisport Palace of Bercy and the “village of Bercy” on the site of the old wine storehouses of Paris. It breaks up into 3 gardens which measure in all 14 hectares. To note the curious fountain at the bottom of POPB and the rosery, the vineyard, the kitchen garden in the garden Yitzhak Rabin.

Subway station = Cour Saint Emilion (ligne 14) or Bercy (lignes 6 ou 14).


Parc de Bercy


13ème district


Quai François Mauriaclocated at the bottom of the library François Mitterrand, it is entirely booked to the pedestrians. Original boats (Batofar, the junk “Dame de Canton”) there are acostés besides the swimming pool Joséphine Baker. Do not forget to go to make a turn admire the corner of forest planted in the center of the library.

Subway station = Bibliothèque François Mitterrand (line 14) or Quai de la gare (line 6).


Bibliothèque François Mitterrand


Chinese district: the Buddhist temple of Teochewit is open the every day and is visited freely provided that there is not a ceremony. It is located on the flagstone of the Olympiads near the tower of Antwerp.

Subway station : Olympiades (line 14)


PARIS 1152


14ème district


Place de la Catalogne in the medium the fountain of Shamï Haber is who is an immense tilted disc where water streams (when it runs…) and, around, part of the buildings are achievements of Ricardo Bofill. To see whether you appreciate this architect.

Subway station : gare Montparnasse







Parc Montsouris :

Subway station : Cité Universitaire (ligne B du RER)


PARIS 0151 (2)


Cloister of Port Royal (Hôpital Cochin) : we reach it by the avenue of the Royal Port(Bearing), in the number 123. He(it) dates the beginning of the 17th century.

Subway station : Port Royal (RER B) 


PARIS 1368


Les catacombes : courses from approximately 2 kms to 26 meters underground at tne same time in galleries of old carreers but also through an ossuary gathering a few à 6 million skeletons.

Internet adress = http://www.catacombes.paris.fr/

Subway station : Denfert Rochereau


Les catacombes : l'ossuaire


15ème district


The Russian Orthodox Church Saint Séraphin de Sarov  : it is opened with the public only every Saturday afternoon of 14:00 to 18:00. At the bottom of a court with a pretty small garden. Inside the church, much of beautiful icons.

Address = 91 rue Lecourbe. Near the subway station Volontaires.


  Eglise St Séraphin de Sarov


The Montparnasse tower  : splendid sight when the light is clear and superb sunset on Paris.

Internet address = http://www.tourmontparnasse56.com/#/home



Luxembourg Gardens



The street of Rennes, German St of the Meadows and Louvre


The island or alley of the swans  : it is a 850 meters length artificial island built between the bridges of Bir Hakeim and Grenelle. With his point downstream, one finds the Statue of Liberty there.

RER C = Avenue du président Kennedy  or subway station = Passy oru Bir Hakeim (ligne  6)




16ème district


The house of Balzac: surrounded by a garden, the house of the writer can be visited free (when there are no temporary exhibitions) the every day except the lundis and bank holidays of 10:00 to 18:00.

Subway station : Passy 


PARIS 1374


The garden of the Buddhist Pantheon  : it is open the every day except Tuesday of 13:00 to 17:00 and provided that the weather is nice. Its access is free except when there is a temporary exhibition. It makes party of a dependence of the Guimet museum located with 18 avenue d'Iéna. Before reaching it, you can admire mainly Japanese works of which many Buddhas. The garden is at the bottom and if it is not large, its Japanese inspiration makes a place full with charm of it.

Subway station : Iéna


PARIS 1430


The garden of the greenhouses of Auteuil  = it is open the every day of 10:00 to 17:00 (18h00 in summer). You will find there beautiful greenhouses tropical of which one with a basin with the lotuses and the access is free there.

Subway station = Porte d'Auteuil







Le parc de Bagatelle : interesting at the time of the season of the tulips but also of the pinks.

Subway station : Porte Maillot.




18ème arrondissement


Jardin sauvage rue Saint Vincent in the prolongation of the vineyard of the Montmartre hillock. It is a place with a pond where nature is left free. Attention, because it is very seldom open (2 times per month between April and October). Losqu' it is accessible, a presenter of the gardens of the town of Paris is present and allows you to learn from the extremely interesting things on nature in Paris.

Subway station : Larmarck Caulaincourt.


Adresse internet = http://www.paris.fr/loisirs/paris-au-vert/ou-voir-des-animaux/jardin-sauvage-saint-vincent/rub_9610_stand_10053_port_23669



Le jardin Saint Vincent


La butte Montmartre : environment

Subway station : Abbesses ou Anvers



The vineyard of Montmartre





Dome du Sacré Coeur de Paris

Sight since the dome of Crowned Heart



Le moulin de la Galette





The Guimart shelter shelters the entry of the station Abbesses which is the major subway station of Paris


The Hindu temple of Ganesh :

Located at rez of roadway of a building with 17 rue Pajol, it is open the every day of 9:30 to 20:30. To see for those who have the nostalgia of India….

Subway station : La Chapelle  


Temple hindou de Ganesh    


19ème district :


Parc des Buttes Chaumont :



The lake and with the top, the temple of Sybille



Cascade of Buttes Chaumont (its height is of 32 m)



The basin of the Villette: it is the greatest artificial lake of Paris. Put out of water in December 1808, it is 700 m long on 70 m broad and connects the Canal Saint-Martin and the channel of Ourcq. Beautiful walk along its quays. It should be noted that one can practise there the oar, the kayak or the canoe kayak.

Subway station : Jaurès or Stalingrad (ligne 2), Riquet (ligne 7) or Laumière (ligne 5).


It should be noted that one can practise there the oar, the kayak or the canoe kayak.


Internet address http://www.ousebouger.com/loisirs.php?id=Base%20nautique%20de%20la%20Villette&cp=75019&activite=Sports%20nautiques


Bassin de la Villette

The cold basin of the Villette (February 9th, 2012)


Bassin de la Villette



PARIS 4101

The footbridge of the street of the Crimea (1st plan) and the raising bridge just behind


Beyond the bridge of Flandres which goes back to 1885 - it is a raising bridge and, moreover, it functions - one can continue the walk along second basin a 730 m length and 30 m broad to reach the park of the Villette.


Canal de l'Ourcq

The bridge of the street of Ourcq (1st plan) and the bridge of small belt (2nd plan)



The park of the Villette: it extends on 55 hectares instead of old slaughter-houses from Paris which functioned until 1974. Crossed through Ourcq, one finds there, besides big spaces of greenery, the city of sciences, the geode, the city of the music, the zenith and a large market.

Subway station : Porte de Pantin (ligne 5) or Porte de la Villette (ligne 7)


Parc de la Villette

The channel of cold Ourcq (February 9th, 2012) with, on the left, the geode and the city of sciences.


PARIS 4105

The geode and the city of sciences


PARIS 4107

The fountain with the lions of Nubie (built in 1811) and behind the large market of the Villette built between 1865 and 1867



20th district


The cemetery of Père Lachaise : it is the largest cemetery of Paris. Several personalities are buried there of which Jim Morrison (The Doors). To find its tomb, to ask a plan the entry. And if I tell you that it is one of the most attended tombs….

Subway station : Père Lachaise



The tomb of Jim Morrison



A “romantic” alley of Père Lachaise


After the visit, you can leave by the door of Réunion to see the natural garden.


The natural garden with 120 rue de la Réunion. It is a little place of greenery astonishing at the bottom of Père Lachaise. With a pond with the water lilies and frogs…. and of the plants which push in “freedom”.

Subway station = Maraîchers ou Alexandre Dumas.



Jardin naturel


La petite ceinture : one could reach it “easily” by the public garden of the station of Charonne but netting was unfortunately repaired. Not knowing another practical access, I propose to you you defer on Internet. Historical background: the service road traveller was held there between 1862 and 1934.

Métro = Porte de Montreuil


La petite ceinture

Close to the old station of Avron



The street Saint-Blaise and the church Saint-Germain de Charonne = us here in the middle of the ancient village of Charonne. To go up the street Saint-Blaise absolutely to go to visit the church Saint-Germain from which construction began with 12th. Behind, you find the cemetery there where the 2 sons of Malraux killed in an automobile accident and the writer Robert Brasillach rest who was shot with the Release.

Subway station = Maraîchers ou Porte de Bagnolet




Rue Saint-Blaise with, at the bottom, the church Saint-Germain



Park of Belleville: to reach it, go down to the subway station Belleville and take the eponymous street. Notice on the right the many street To pump out and its graffs (see in lower part). To continue to assemble the street where the Chinese presence is very strong. Take then the street Piat to lead to the top of the park. Beautiful view on Paris. Then, descend and admire the beautiful cascade.



View of Paris from the top of park of Belleville (street Piat)


Rue Denoyer : for those which like the graffiti, it is a street where one always finds some. Indefatigably, the town hall of Paris deletes them and indefatigably the graffiti artists return. 

Subway station : Belleville.





Bois de Vincennes subway Porte Dorée


To see its lakes = Daumesnil, Gravel, Begged for St and Carry Yellow, its farm (cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, hens, etc), its Buddhist temple and its floral garden. Beautiful walks to be realized in this wood. Some rare pheasants live there like about fifty foxes .....


Lac Daumesnil

The Greek temple at the edge of the lake Daumesnil



The farm of Paris : Internet address =




Dairy cows with the farm of Paris


PARIS 9621



The Buddhist center (close to the lake Daumesnil)


Unless being Buddhist, the center is closed with the public except during religious holidays. Therefore, their dates should be gotten information.


PARIS 3856

The temple Kagyu-Dzong Tibetan



The large pagoda shelters a high statue of 10 meters Buddha at the bottom of which relics of Buddha were placed.


PARIS 1184 


The castle of Vincennes (14th century): 


Small precision: it is not located at Paris but at Vincennes but as it is next to the wood of Vincennes, I quote it in this article because, it is interesting to see. Visits of the keep are possible.


Subway station: Chateau de Vincennes (line 1)


Internet address =  http://www.chateau-vincennes.fr/index.php


Château de Vincennes



Bois de Boulogne :

Ligne C du RER = Avenue Henri Martin 



On the large island, the restaurant accessible “country cottage of the Islands” only with the frontier runner


Good strolls


 NB: the book “Metronome” of Lorant Deutsch is an enthralling book on the history of Paris and the sites still visible which are the witnesses of this last rich person.

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